Document Management

204 IT Document Repository Solution is an enterprise solution for document management and archiving. This system is capable of scanning, uploading & retrieving business documents / manuals stored on a centralized document depository server.

The solution has been designed to cater the needs of large organizations with various computer users to restrict viewing or editing internal and restricted documents.

The system is fully secure and hacker safe, it restricts distribution and extraction of document once it is secured and hosted.


  • - Scan Documents / Files
  • - Archive Electronic Files
  • - Organize Folders
  • - Secure Storage
  • - User Accessibility
  • - Search Text / Keywords


  • - The interface is password protected and provides only authorized users to access the documents.
  • - Document Owners of the system can provide privileges to different set of system users who can accordingly perform functions on the documents independently.
  • - Different groups or sections can be created to distinguish users and their defined paths through an easy automated setup.
  • - The documents are stored using 128-bit encryption after compression at server.
  • - The system has been designed with a purpose to save the network bandwidth so to make effective download and upload of files over intranet.
  • - Caches are built with each client that checks for the requested file in the local cache and downloads if obsoletes.
  • - Highly Scalable and Powerful System Architecture