Web Portal Solution

The recent wave of ‘e-business’ and its utilization by various industries and innovative business models has proven very successful for so many businesses. These ‘e-business’ or web-based business models have not only evolved into very efficient commercial systems but also have put an immense pressure on technology related infrastructure and their service providers to catch up with the demands of providing robust, integrated and reusable components.

From Business-to-Consumer (B2C) perspective, end users are now demanding even more features to be provided online.

In the Business-to-Business (B2B) area, organizational and industrial customers are demanding the convergence of previously parallel industries. Similarly, after seeing so many successfully implemented models, the customers of vertical industries are also demanding to create more intuitive ventures to allow greater interaction amongst different vertical industries as well as their business partners.

Having an innovative idea is not enough, similarly, just taking your business online would not fulfill the demands of your customers and the desired results might not be achieved in time.

A successful ‘e-business’ model planning requires experienced and skillful hands, careful planning, in-depth knowledge and marketing your business over internet and other mediums. Continuous reforms, maintenance and scalability of infrastructure and model are also needed over time.

204 IT Web Portal Solution is designed specifically to cater this need of our customers. The solution brings various components together that were refined and matured over the years.

This is a continuous process and now can also utilize Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) to deploy new services in a fraction of time and cost.